Welcome to EMLeaders.org – a virtual hub for all those involved in the fantastically stimulating, inspiring and most fulfilling environment of emergency care. If you work in the Emergency Dept or in an allied emergency care setting then this is the site for you!

We know that all those who work in emergency care systems are expected to show a complex array of decision making and / or leadership qualities frequently in their clinical day, sometimes at a minute’s notice. The density of decision making activities per hour is unique and indeed bizarrely attractive to those in Emergency Departments. The resulting environment is challenging and yet incredibly stimulating. We also know that if we do not prepare our staff well enough for such environments, there is greater likelihood of dissatisfaction, compassion fatigue and burnout for the clinician or nurse as well as poorer outcomes for our patients.

Teams that have common understanding, ownership and shared values of their systems are more liable and able to want to improve them. Having a ‘collective’ leadership approach that engages all is vital. Having the right culture lies at the heart of a great team. Equally importantly the team will maintain satisfaction in what they do and the care they deliver links to better outcomes for the patient.

Our mission is to allow you to immerse yourself in a range of free educational materials on this site as well as other collated materials, exchange great ideas and inspire both yourself and more importantly the younger generation to be the great leaders of the future in emergency care.

We are a committed group of EM clinicians, academics, nurses and healthcare managers who also want to share our experiences and expertise with our colleagues world wide. The focus will be about :

* improving systems by being good leaders at every level

* caring for your team, yourself & inspiring the younger generation

* sharing strategies and approaches that lead to sustained positive change

We are especially keen to help support, network and gain contributions from those of you working in fragile and distressed emergency care systems around the world. You will often be working with scarce resources to deliver basic care to the most in need and your stories of how you cope will we believe also help and inspire others.

Enjoy the site, contribute to the discussions and even submit your top leadership ideas for creating positive change!

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