EMLeaders is a free online resource for all those involved in emergency care either in established systems or the harsher environments of the developing world.

Our mission is to allow leaders at every level to inspire & be inspired, share experiences & expertise and help teams to show ‘collective’ leadership. Only then will we create a culture that will lead to sustained, positive, impactful change for our patients.

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Julian Hartley

Opening the conference and setting the scene.


Taj Hassan

The what, why and how of resilient leadership.


Clifford Mann

Leading Emergency Care Systems and their design - what do we need?


Jason Long

Designing, Training and Measuring Success.


Julia Harris

Role Modelling and Training Challenges for the Next Generation.


Yvette Oade

Engaging, Empowering and Valuing your Team


Duncan Ross

Difficult conversation and the art of negotiation.


Mark Dinwoodie

When things go wrong - navigating a way forward


Jon Heyworth

A European perspective on leadership – collaboration and connectivity


Katrin Hruska

Leading system change and breaking cultural barriers in Sweden


Stephen Bush

What Clinical Directors should do to ensure workforce satisfaction and sustainability?